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"Thorntail Hollow" by

Star Fox Adventures is an underrated game. I feel like it would have been regarded better if it had stuck as Dinosaur Planet and didn’t have Fox in it at all. It would be a pleasant and charming Zelda-like.

The music is also really nice. I decided to arrange one.

"Big Brother" by NLTM

Commission for davey-u for their Homestuck land The Land of Nerves and Glare.

You too can commission me, if you wanna

"Crystal Palace" by NLTM

Keep the train rolling.

Shooting Star Summit

Lavalava Island

Crystal King Battle

And maybe commission me, if you wanna.

"Crystal King Battle" by NLTM

More Paper Mario arranges! Listen to the other ones I’ve made also:

Lavalava Island

Shooting Star Summit

And maybe commission me, if you wanna.

"Lavalava Island" by NLTM

I did another paper mario song because that game didn’t stop being super good or anything.

You can listen to Shooting Star Summit here

"Shooting Star Summit" by NLTM

Paper Mario is probably one of my favorite game series of all time, which is impressive considering half the entries are mediocre. The first two are really that good.

"Dire Dire Docks" by Koji Kondo

I’m working on more Mario 64 at the moment, but in the meantime, I arranged Dire Dire Docks/Jolly Roger Bay.

It’s probably my favorite song in the game, it’s been on every mp3 player I’ve ever had and I intend to keep it that way.

"Upper Brinstar" by NLTM

Super Metroid is a good game with some good music, and Upper Brinstar is the best of that good music.

I still hold out hope for another Metroid game someday that isn’t Other M. What a terrible way for a series to fade out.

"Drunk as I Like (Hoenn ver.)" by NLTM

I can’t tell if this was a good or bad idea

"Drunk as I Like (8-bit)" by NLTM

i was bored and also wanted a looping Drunk as I Like so I did the thing